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Owning a boat in Auckland is a great thing. The Gulf is just there, and begging to be explored and enjoyed.

 But they're a peculiar type of asset, because even the most enthusiastic amateur sailors have other things to do during the working year. Private boats do tend to spend a lot of time alongside in the marina.... the average boat owner chooses to use their vessel for less than four weeks a year.

And it's a odd thing, but boats don't take well to being ignored; a reasonable amount of use is required to keep things serviceable.  There are ongoing costs for berthage, insurance, maintenance.....

There is a massive lost opportunity in an asset such as a yacht sitting alongside, unused, when there are many, many, good, experienced people out there who would love to pay you to explore our beautiful Hauraki Gulf.

With Charterlink, your boat can earn a significant income in otherwise idle time which offsets the ongoing cost of ownership. 

What's more Charterlink manages repairs and maintenance, cleaning and grooming, all of the chartering stuff like marketing, Maritime NZ regulatory compliance, customer bookings, payment, customer vetting, briefing and support, cusomer service, safety checks, winter husbandry, and simply keeps an eye on your vessel every week of the year  These are just some of the benefits of placing your vessel in CharterLink's fleet.  There is also a significanttax advantage (despite what some people say), and most importantly, the vessel is here, in Auckland, for your enjoyment.

All you have to do is take the charter income and tax advantages, arrive, sail, and enjoy. 

Below is some more detail about each of the points... but whether you're an existing owner, or considering buying a vessel, give me a call, drop in to our Bayswater HQ for a cup of coffee and a chat.... We'd love to make your acquaintance, and chartering just may make the difference between owning a yacht and not owning one, or add a few feet on to your dream vessel by making it that bit more affordable.


OIC, Charterlink

Tax Advantages:

Because the vessel becomes an asset used to create income, "proportional use" tax advantages apply.

For example,

  • the GST component of the purchase price can be claimed against,
  • as can the GST on purchases and expenses
  • the value of your boat may be depreciated in your tax
  • finance cost may be deductible

We recommend that you speak with a financial advisor for the details of this, but combined with the Charter Income, this can very heavily subsidise your ownership of your beautiful boat.... and we've been told more than once that the act of putting a boat into Charterlink often means that an Owner can afford a bigger boat than they would have otherwise!

Maintenance Advantages

Maritime New Zealand rightly require that charter vessels are kept at a high standard of safety and fitness for purpose. They hold us accountable for that through our Maritime Transport Operators Certificate and a battery of checks and audits, and only some vessels are acceptable for this service. This means that you, as vessel owner, can be assured that the boat is kept up to scratch and regularly checked from a safety perspective. Charterlink is very experienced in administering that process, and because we operate a fleet of vessels, we can run a complex management  system, and get the economies of scale and pass them on to you.

Our charterers also require a high standard of service and cleanliness from a Hotel Services point of view. This means that your vessel is cleaned and maintained inside, as well as out. And we're at the marina every day, on site, and looking after her.

Owners Use

Of course, Owners have first call on their vessels. Owners fence off any time they want and Charters are not accepted for those times.

What's more, we prepare the boat for an owner trip in the same way that we would for a Charterer; our Year- round upkeep offers ready-to-use availability.

It's true that if you can find a place in one of the fleets in the Pacific Islands or Australia, the boat will get even more use, and therefore a higher income.

However, our Owners charter with us

  1. because their vessels are accessible... if the weather looks OK for the weekend they dont have to book a plane to go sailing
  2. because although too little use is a bad thing, so is too much....too much use of a boat reduces overall life. Charterlink finds the "Sweet spot" in between.
  3. because we have way more flexibility about owners use, and the fine details of how much we do or you do on your boat

CharterLink is one of the largest bareboat charter companies in NewZealand.

We're boat owners ourselves, and we pride ourselves on high standards of care and maintenance and our owners enjoy considerable convenience and peace of mind.

A comment from one of our current boat owners:

“both T. and I would like to thank you for being so professional and friendly in the way you have managed us and our boat. I have no doubt our boat is in the best hands possible and the condition of the boat now is proof of your perfectionist approach.”

 Call us to discuss joining the CharterLink fleet. If you are interested in receiving additional information on charter boat ownership and vessels in our fleet available for sale, please contact CharterLink for an information pack or leave your contact details with us.