Winter Boat Care For boats at Bayswater Marina

So, who`s looking after your boat this winter?

CharterLink`s fleet at Baywater Marina is in Safe Ship Management so we are involved in a monthly programme of preventative maintenance. That includes starting and warming up the engines, running refrigeration, pumping heads, checking batteries, dehumidifiers and so on, along with the safety equipment inventory. So, our boats get through the cold months ready to go and without damp and mildew.

From May through November we can do that for your boat too. It takes only an hour a month and spares you the trip (or the guilt of putting it off!). We`re not engineers, electricians, fridge technicians or riggers but we are here at Bayswater Marina and can give you a heads-up on any issues we notice which might need attention. We can organise to get work done if you want.

Might be of interest? To contact CharterLink

Drop by the office (brown cabin by road entrance barrier)
Phone us on 09 445 7114
Please leave a message if office is unattended.

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