Charterlink Bareboat Chater Vessel Ownership FAQ

About Charter Yacht Ownership

Owning a boat is one of the great dreams, and like all great dreams can be enhanced by some smart thinking. Boats are a peculiar type of asset, because even the most enthusiastic amateur sailors have other things to do during the working year...

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Can I Use my Vessel?

Yes.  Because we generally only have only one owner (not six or more sharers), owners have the first call at all times of the year...

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Client Selection

Because Bareboat charters are in short supply, we can afford to be picky about who we let aboard! Our clients divide into two main groups...

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Charter Vessel Income

The income level will depend on the attributes of the vessel, how much chartering you allow, and the peculiarities of each season such as exchange rates and weather patterns...

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How Bareboat Charter Ownership Works

Essentially, you own the vessel, and the charter income is shared between Charterlink and yourself...

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Maintenance Advantages

Maritime New Zealand rightly require that charter vessels are kept at a high standard of safety and fitness for purpose. They hold us accountable for that through our Maritime Transport Operators Certificate...

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Tax Advantages

Because the vessel becomes an asset used to create income, very significant "proportional use" tax advantages apply...

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What Does Charterlink Do for Owners?

It takes some work and expertise to make bareboat chartering work in New Zealand. You need to operate under a Maritime Transport Operators Certificate...

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What Type of Vessel can be Chartered?

The international bareboat charter business generally has a preference for new and/or big.  The ideal yacht is in the 40-60 foot range...

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Why Charter in Auckland?

If your primary objective is to make a profit, owning a boat in charter with one of the big overseas charter companies is an option. The vessels are managed and used by the charter companies, and you get to use her...

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Yacht Chartering News & Updates

Pest Free Hauraki Gulf Update

Help Keep The Hauraki Gulf Pest Free - Infomation For Bareboat Charterers

Why Not Have your own Yacht !!

If you are contemplating buying a yacht for use in our beautiful Hauraki Gulf, Charterlink offers shared ownership schemes where one or two people own a yacht, and Charterlink manages charters on her;

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