Bareboat Charter Vessel Income

The income level will depend on the attributes of the vessel, how much chartering you allow, and the peculiarities of each season such as exchange rates and weather patterns....  so we'll have to discuss that in detail with each interested party.  

However the fundamentals are that bareboats in the Hauraki Gulf are in short supply, and therefore highly valued by Clients, and they're happy to pay good money for the privilege of using your vessel. They generally pay more than you can get under a shared ownership deal, (so your boat gets more income for less work)

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Pest Free Hauraki Gulf Update

Help Keep The Hauraki Gulf Pest Free - Infomation For Bareboat Charterers

Why Not Have your own Yacht !!

If you are contemplating buying a yacht for use in our beautiful Hauraki Gulf, Charterlink offers shared ownership schemes where one or two people own a yacht, and Charterlink manages charters on her;

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