Maintenance Advantages

Maintenance Advantages Maritime New Zealand rightly require that charter vessels are kept at a high standard of safety and fitness for purpose. They hold us accountable for that through our Maritime Transport Operators Certificate and a battery of checks and audits, and only some vessels are acceptable for this service. This means that you, as vessel owner, can be assured that the boat is kept up to scratch and regularly checked from a safety perspective.  Even when they`re not working we visit and check  each boat each week year round free of charge for vessels in service... many of our owners are from out of town and this means great peace of mind!

Charterlink is very experienced in administering that process, and because we operate a fleet of vessels, we can run a complex management  system, and get the economies of scale and pass them on to you.

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Why Not Have your own Yacht !!

If you are contemplating buying a yacht for use in our beautiful Hauraki Gulf, Charterlink offers shared ownership schemes where one or two people own a yacht, and Charterlink manages charters on her;

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