What does Charterlink do for Owners

It takes some work and expertise to make bareboat chartering work in New Zealand. You need to operate under a Maritime Transport Operators Certificate, (which involves a raft of requirements physically and operationally), have the vessel in survey, and manage the marketing, enquiries, bookings, customer services, and payment processes. Charterlink has been doing this for many years.   

Charterlink will

  • Advertise & attract customers
  • Address booking Queries
  • Maintain booking system
  • Take Payment
  • Bond Admin
  • Screen and assess Skippers
  • Provide external qualified skippers when required
  • Voyage Management
  • Start of Charter briefings and preparation
  • Provide Hotel services and materials
  • Provide Real Time support during charters
  • Post Charter debrief, inspection, turnaround
  • Administer Payment of owners
  • Maintain Maritime Transport Operators Certification
  • Manage the Maintenance of vessels
  • Boatkeeping... we visit and check  each boat each week year round free of charge for vessels in service... many of our owners are from out of town and this means great peace of mind!
  • Acquire goods and services for maintenance on behalf of the owner at the best price
  • Monitor vessels throughout the year
  • Ensure Vessel is ready for Owners Use
  • Insure Charterlink activities

Yacht Chartering News & Updates

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Why Not Have your own Yacht !!

If you are contemplating buying a yacht for use in our beautiful Hauraki Gulf, Charterlink offers shared ownership schemes where one or two people own a yacht, and Charterlink manages charters on her;

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