What Type of Vessel can be Chartered?

  The international bareboat charter business generally has a preference for new and/or big. 

The ideal yacht is in the 40-60 foot range, is less than 10 years old (the newer the better) and sleeps as many as possible.... three or four cabins is desirable, monohull or Catamaran.

The ideal power boat is in the order of 30-50 ft, with good sleeping accomodation and not too quick...  we have previously had power vessels in the fleet and would happily do so again, but 10-12 knots is fine (to avoid the cowboys!)

To be eligible for hire as a bareboat the vessel must conform to the Survey and MOSS systems set by Maritime New Zealand.   Despite the fact that they may be fully approved in overseas jurisdictions such as the EU, Maritime New Zealand require that vessels going to charter must have New Zealand Design Approval (structural and electrical) and undergo an Initial Survey process.   In order to get Design Approval, we must be able to acquire full documentation (e.g. plans and factory certification records) relating to the vessel`s construction, which is submitted to an NZ naval architect and Electrical Design Approver for the approval. 

This in turn invariably means that we can only charter quality-built Production Yachts (the current fleet includes Bavaria, Jeanneau and Beneteau brands), which are built to a known formal standard and well documented. New vessels are easier to get documentation for than older ones. 

From a customer viewpoint, moderate hull displacement, modern and roomy hull design with maximum cabins, ease of operation and superior cruising interior accommodations are sought after.  The ideal would be in the order of 35-50 feet mono or multihulls vessels with three or four cabins.

Charterlink can provide guidance on the most suitable vessels and detailed configuration, and will guide and subsidise the process of getting design approval, which can be lengthy for new classes.

Incidentally, in order to charter out a vessel, the operator (ie Charterlink) must also hold a Maritime Transport Operators Certificate. Holding this requires all processes to be approved and audited by Maritime New Zealand. Charterlink has an MTOC, and whilst adding new vessels requires work to set up manuals, checklists, processes and evaluate risk management, it is relatively easy given our experience.   

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