Meet Pete .....


I've been Mucking Around in Boats, or Going Down to the Sea in Ships, for pretty much my entire life, and most of that has been in the beautiful waters of the Hauraki Gulf and the North East Coast of New Zealand.

Christine and I have had the pleasure and privilege of exploring all of the harbours, the myriad of islands and glorious sights, and most of the delightful nooks and crannies of the Gulf over the years, and we're very happy now to be able to share that with you, through Charterlink's fleet of beautiful cruising yachts.



   Fishing dinghies as a kid, dad's launch, Standard 16's with the Sea Cadets in Whangarei,  Pussers Whalers, Bosuns Dinghies, Endeavours,  Chicos, even the Chilean tall ship  "Esmeralda". Years and years in venerable HDML's, and decades in command of the Navy's Inshore Patrol Craft have left me with a deep knowledge of the Gulf, and a succession of trailer-sailers, fizz boats, and keelers various over 30 years have led me to being well qualified to be your host in our beautiful sailing grounds. When the opportunity came up in 2015 to stop working in corporate management,  and spend my days giving people the opportunity to share the beauty of sailing and the splendour of the New Zealand Coast, I was in there...  Boots 'n All.


 I'd like to say that we run the business on values... good kiwi trust and down to earth business.... and make a commitment to our wide "repeat business" community, our vessel owners (of which I am one), and to sailors who are joining us for the first time, to ensure that you are welcome aboard, and have a great experience in our home waters.