Why Charter in Auckland?

If your primary objective is to make a profit, owning a boat in charter with one of the big overseas charter companies is an option.

The vessels are managed and used by the charter companies, and you get to use her (subject to various conditions) in that location. The closest fleets to here are based in the Whitsundays, Tahiti, Tonga and New Caledonia. 

That works for some people...  but if you want to take your boat for a run on Friday night you have to go to the airport.

The Hauraki Gulf and the northland coast are superb world-class cruising grounds, but if your boat is in some exotic location, you don’t get to go to Mansion House, or Tiri, or Fitzroy, or the Happy Jacks on the weekend with your mates, or the family, or the Club. You don’t get to have the work folks round for drinks on her, and neither do you get to see exactly what your boat is doing, or visit her except for the annual excursion. 

These companies make their money by chartering the boat out, and the reason they are in those locations is that they can look forward to 300 days a year or more of charter season. That’s great for income… but it’s a double-edged sword… 300 days of chartering a year is going to take a toll on the boat.

However, our Owners charter with us

  1. because their vessels are accessible... if the weather looks OK for the weekend they dont have to book a plane to go sailing
  2. because although too little use is a bad thing, so is too much....too much use of a boat reduces overall life. Charterlink finds the "Sweet spot" in between.
  3. because we have way more flexibility about owners use, and the fine details of how much we do or you do on your vessel