FISHING: Is fishing allowed on CharterLink boats?

Yes, you're very welcome and the Gulf is often bountiful  However, it's on the understanding that if our cleaning crew can tell that you were fishing (icky spots on the deck, smelly lockers  topsides or (please no!)fish scales below decks) then you will be charged an additional cleaning fee. And don't use the cockpit seats for a baitboard either - that's really expensive! So very careful fishing, well cleaned up.  

Also, be aware of the fisheries regulations.... There are some marine reserves around where no fishing is allowed, and outside of these, if you were, for example, to exceed the limits, be aware that the fisheries people can seize the boat! 

Follow this link for the fisheries regulations                          Follow this link for a useful Fish Identification Chart

Links to local marine reserves (Fishing Prohibited here but well worth a visit!) :

 Cape Rodney-Okakari Point (Goat Island)          Long Bay        Poor Knights          Tawharanui Peninsula      Te Matuku (Waiheke ISland)