Cancellations by You:  Cancellations advised prior to 60 days before the commencement of charter will result in a refund of deposit less a NZ$250 administration fee. If you cancel within 60 days of your departure date, we will try to book a replacement charter on the vessel, and only if we are able to do so we will refund your charter fee deposit less the $250 admin fee. 

Cancellations by Us: The Charter contract details our policies in the event that we are forced to cancel charters, for reasons such as dangerous weather conditions or vessel damage. We recommend that you consider insuring against such events.

Cancellations by Covid.

For New Zealand residents: If Covid-19 laws prevent you from travelling to us from within New Zealand, or prevent you taking the vessel to sea, we undertake to provide a full refund, (as we did last time.)  Book with confidence! 

For Overseas Residents: Sorry, but Honestly we dont expect the borders to be open this summer. If you think otherwise, you can make a booking, but it would be at your risk, and we do not offer a refund for covid-related restrictions, except as provided for above under "Cancellations by You".  Put it on the list for next year!