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Owning a boat is one of the great dreams, and like all great dreams can be enhanced by some smart thinking.  

Boats are a peculiar type of asset, because even the most enthusiastic amateur sailors have other things to do during the working year, so boats do tend to spend a lot of time alongside in the marina.... the average boat owner chooses to use their vessel for less than four weeks a year.

So there is a massive lost opportunity in an asset such as a yacht sitting alongside, unused, an ongoing cost to be recovered, and a need for a reasonable amount of use and ongoing maintenance attention to actually help in keeping things serviceable.  

You'll be pleased to know that with Charterlink, your boat can earn a  significant income  in otherwise idle time which offsets the ongoing cost of ownership. There are many, good, experienced people out there  who would love to pay you to explore our beautiful Hauraki Gulf, when you're not using her and  there are tax advantages to be had if you let them. Charterlink can put it all together for you locally and manage the entire process, end-to-end.  

What's more Charterlink manages repairs and maintenance , cleaning and grooming, all of the chartering stuff like marketing, Maritime NZ regulatory compliance, customer bookings, payment, customer vetting, briefing and support, cusomer service, safety checks, winter husbandry, and simply keeps an eye on your vessel every week of the year   These are just some of the benefits of placing your vessel in CharterLink's fleet.  There is also a significant  tax advantage (despite what some people say), and most importantly, the vessel is here, in Auckland, for your enjoyment, without having to compete with other shared owners for the dates you want.  

All you have to do is take the charter income and tax advantages, arrive, sail, and enjoy. 

Below is some more detail about each of the points... but whether you're an existing owner, or considering buying a vessel, give me a call, drop in to our Bayswater HQ for a cup of coffee and a chat... . We'd love to make your acquaintance, and chartering just may make the difference between owning a yacht and not owning one, or add a few feet on to your dream vessel by making it that bit more affordable.


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Why Not Have your own Yacht !!

If you are contemplating buying a yacht for use in our beautiful Hauraki Gulf, Charterlink offers shared ownership schemes where one or two people own a yacht, and Charterlink manages charters on her;

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